"Corporate CombatŪ Founder William Urban has supported the Anoka County Juvenile Diversion program since 2006. His perspective on realities of getting caught shoplifting or stealing from a business is a pivotal presentation to the youth to help them to decide to make good choices and not steal.
The program that Bill supports with his time and talent is sponsored by the Boys Scouts of America; Northern Star Council and provides first-time juvenile offenders with a positive alternative to the court system. Teens are referred by local law enforcement officials to this three-month course which teaches proper decision-making skills, communication techniques and requires community service. Those who successfully complete the program and do not re-offend will maintain a clean record. Juvenile Diversion gives young people a second chance as it teaches them to take responsibility for their actions and to give back to a community that they have harmed or offended
Tom Conneran, Diversion Program Director