I just wanted to share with any person interested in using Corporate Combat and the services they offer to “just do it". This has been one of the best investments we have made to our organization.

The first week we installed our first video security system in our salon our sales jumped over $400.00 per week.

Our efficiencies are up because we can monitor what is happening in the salon when we are not there. From someone propping open the front door in 80 degree weather with the air conditioning on to making sure the five step system is in force. We also watch the coupon redemption processes and have found theft. We also believe in the safety and security that it offers our staff and our business.

Mike Bucy was wonderful to work with. They were professional on site and great with our teams at the salon level.

Talking about service, there have been many times when we needed assistance when employees would accidently unplug something on the system and it would go down. Mike would either talk the salon through fixing it or go out to the salon and fix it himself.

Since we saw such great results in our first salon we have continued on to install 5 more of our salons. We believe in it and believe that the investment pays for itself in about 6 months.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep a handle on the business. I am a hands on franchisee but I cannot be in 12 salons at once or every day. By using the cameras I can easily check on wait times, if the salons open or close on time, and on and on.

Thanks to Mike and his team for all of your help. We look forward to the install of the next 6 salon systems.

Renae and Gary Newport

Franchisee, Great Clips for Hair